Global mothers’


It was 2 o’clock in the night, the sound of the baby’s cry was coming from the room. “Why is the baby crying? Does this mother know anything, the baby girl should eat thin soft food, she must have eaten something bad.. the poor baby is in trouble..!!” The person in the house was angry on the mother for not sleeping.

The mother, already exhausted by the baby’s cries, was getting tired. 

 “Oh, how much is my puppy? It’s just started walking.. It’s crying, what the hell can’t you pay attention, right?” The heartbeat of a mother who makes tiifin increases..

They wanted a witch who could make a box and take care of the baby at the same time..The mother was listening quietly while swallowing. 

“How is your baby so weak? You have no sense, you can’t eat and drink well..” Forgetting her own thirst to feed the baby, his mother running behind him, swallowing her food, listening quietly.

“How many plays are there to go to school? Stubbornness is not good…it’s spoiled by this pampering.” The mother got angry and started scolding the baby in harsh language. “Do you have sense, why are you angry with him? He is young, what does he know??” …She was listening quietly, swallowing hard.

“Such low marks? Do you pay attention to his school or not? Stop your other chores and wandering and pay attention to his studies..” He was listening to her without even knowing the child’s age. “And yes, tomorrow my mother-in-law has housework..go from morning to help..” She was listening quietly, swallowing hard. 

“What is this boy doing on his mobile all the time? Just pay attention to him.. His symptoms are not looking good these days..” “Yes, but where is he?” “Going out with friends, I was saying no but the kids still listen..” She was listening quietly while swallowing.

“Dad, I got selected in such and such company as a manager, that’s a salary..” “Wow, baby, congrats…the choice was about to happen..I’ve taught you since’s even gone on me…” “No no, gone to grandma, grandma was also smart in school” “Gone to Grandfather, Grandfather was Suddha Manager” “I went to my aunt, my aunt always used to draw the first number..”

But this time no one pointed at her..She swallowed again, but with tears of joy..and was listening to everything quietly.. ***** This is the true situation..the mother is always blamed for the children’s misbehaviour, their physical distress, their stubbornness. At that time no one accepts the mistake as his own responsibility. But when the child achieves something, everyone comes forward to take credit.

No mother is bad, no mother wants her baby to be bad. She gives hundred percent of herself in the formation of the baby.. But children are more influenced by the surrounding society, people… Our society expects her to give 100% as a mother, and equally strong expectations for home, family, relationships and domestic events. If she is cooking, how many people take care of the baby at least for that long?

Who knows the pain of waking up all night with the crying of the baby, waking up before you in the morning and standing by your side? It is often said that “It is her job, she is a mother…”, but by imposing this “motherhood” on her own responsibility and taking the role of looking up and blaming her. People are slandering her in an instant, so much so that even her mother feels like a curse.

When will all this stop?


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