Chat gpt- Google’s new nightmare

 chat gpt which is in discussion everywhere. In school we were asked to write essays. At that time internet was not widely used in India. So I used to scratch my head and scratch something in broken words. Newspapers were used and adults were also harassed. Back then, wherever an essay was prepared, there would be many mistakes in it. (chat gpt) 

You may think How did this old memory suddenly come to mind? So the reason for that is chat gpt. You must have heard the name. If not, listen now.

You must have heard the term Artificial Intelligence, AI. In short, the simple definition is to run a software like the human mind. #chat gpt Put simply, 

tell me, is a man perfect when he is born? No, his intellect is not developed, he does not understand things. So how does he learn? So as we grow up, he see the environment at home, he see the behavior of our parents and he try to imitate them. Words fall on the ear, he learns the language.

One learns by experience that one should not go near fire, one should not touch glass objects, else they may break. And when you get old enough, you become enriched with experience and knowledge. The same applies to artificial intelligence. A lot of patterns are put into that software, a large data-database is put into it. It is coded in such a way that the software learns by itself “if this happens, then that will happen”, and then executes it.

“Well, it happens..” This is how the software learns. For example, you tell the software that 1 is followed by 2, 3 is followed by 4, 4 is followed by 5. The software looks at the pattern and says, “Hey, it shows the next number.. ” Then you ask him, “Let’s see what comes after five?” Then he will answer six correctly. So this is Artificial Intelligence, AI technology. Back to chat gpt. So OpenAI company launched this feature using AI technology as above and in just five days millions of customers were attracted.

This software is so effective that whatever you ask it, it gives the right answer. I thought, ask chat gpt a tricky question. I told him, “Write a story of mother in law and daughter in law’s fighting”

I patted my back by asking the question, “What does this person know about the things in the house?” Anyway can this be compared to my intelligence? gpt Bye bye,

And in just seconds he wrote the story and showed it.. Miracle..!!! I lost. A miracle for you. Children in schools and colleges will not even go to Google for essays anymore. Because when you ask Google for any information, it gives you a lot of links, you start getting bored by searching and searching.

Ever since this chat gpt came, Google started to feel pale. Even Google has taken the plunge, meeting after meeting with their AI team. #chatgpt But a big man like Elon Musk has made a statement on this, that as convenient as AI is, it will be dangerous in the future. Say that the thoughts of big people are true! Today it is writing essays for us, tomorrow it will do office work, what is the need for humans then? Why should companies hire and pay people? Why would children use their heads for essays etc?

IT is crowded today, it cannot be ruled out that AI will be created by these people and their own jobs will be destroyed using the same AI tomorrow. It’s awesome for you, not to mention funny. Experience it once, the link is given below. Chat gpt – Chat gpt

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